How to Optimize Internet and Wi-Fi Speed

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Internet and Wi-Fi are now included in the basic human requirements in this world of science and technology. We cannot avoid getting indulge in the usage of internet and Wi-Fi. In every field of life, there is no escape from internet because every task and every assignment has to be done via internet. It is connecting the world and squeezing the world into a small global village. Now we can remain in contact with those who are sitting far from us, in other regions of the world. What if you are talking to some special one via internet but you have to reload again and again due to low speed internet? It is the test of your patience that you have to download something important but your Wi-Fi’s and internet’s speed does not allow you to do so. So here is good news for you; now you can optimize your internet’s speed by different ways. You don’t have to call some technician, because you can do this by yourself.

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Following things can affect the speed of your internet and Wi-Fi connection:

  • Physical barriers like chairs, book racks, stairs etc
  • Low range Wi-Fi routers
  • Connection of 4,5 devices at a time
  • Unprotected connections
  • Dirt on devices
  • Obsolete/old versions of routers

Tips to speed up your internet or Wi-Fi connection

Remove physical barriers

If there are any physical barriers like book racks, table chairs, or any other things like them are present between you and internet router, remove them or change the place of router. Presence of these things causes the signal to drop, thus lowering internet’s speed. Walls, also cause internet problems, so, for better internet speed, place the router at a position where there is no hurdle for proper transformation of signals.

Get close to the router

If you want to work on high speed internet, then place the router in the room where you are sitting. Get closer to the internet or Wi-Fi router, it will boost up the speed of your internet connection. If you have an old router you can replace it with some advance router that has better speed and coverage. ASUS RT-AC88U Wireless AC3100 Router is one of such best wireless router that has 3.2 Ghz Speed Support and has better coverage.

Remove other devices

Sometimes, connection of 4,5 devices at the same time can slow down the speed of internet. Try to remove other devices because they are eating up internet’s efficiency. If you need all these devices to remain connected with internet, then try to reduce their activity by closing some apps.

Keep your devices clean and protected

Dirt on devices can slow down the internet and Wi-Fi’s speed, so keep all the devices clean. Secondly, password protect your internet devices because others may use your connection. When your internet connection is not password protected, your neighbors can easily use this connection thus slowing down the speed.

Keep your device up to date

Keep updating your routers and software. Old versions get connection problems so they do not work efficiently. Information about updates is available on the website of concerned device.

An advice

Experts advise to use wired connection because wired connections have better speed than wireless connections. If you want to have a wireless connection, always choose a better one that supports good speed and have good coverage. Checkout Sarah’s blog to see best wifi routers 2017.

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