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Free online learning websites are a blessing for students of all ages around the globe. Scholars, teachers and professors all around the world are working day and night to make education free for all through the internet. Notes relevant to the topics that the students search on the internet, can be easily found at websites especially designed for educational purposes. These free online learning websites are also a blessing for independent researchers, professionals, teachers, educators and writers. Following is a list of ten of the most popular and free online learning websites that are being continuously used by students all around the world.

  1. Khan Academy

One of the most popular of the free online learning websites is the Khan Academy. Khan Academy started in 2006 when Salman Khan, an individual living in Louisiana, United States, decided that he wanted to help children obtain free education. Salman Khan started giving lectures through recorded videos on Youtube. These videos became highly popular and became the reason for Khan Academy to formulate. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with a large team of talented individuals who are working collectively for the benefit of students all around the world. The team at Khan Academy is dedicated to provide assistance to students in the subjects of math, science, art, humanities, economics, finance, computer sciences and history.

  1. Coursera

Coursera has become the largest online educating free online learning website all around the globe. The team at Coursera has made it its aim to provide quality education to students and researchers living anywhere in the world. Well known universities come at one platform to teach courses on various subjects on Coursera. These courses are tutored by highly professional teachers. Students are required to complete the courses they like to study by watching lecture videos and solving quizzes. Moreover, the interaction level at every course is high as all the students come together to share their views on the discussion forums. Coursera has recently introduced the specialization courses as well, thus providing official certificates to the students who successfully complete these courses.

  1. Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes is a free online learning website as well as a printed medium for students to get help from. This organization is responsible in providing free education to 50 million students in more than 150 countries. Cliff Notes offers relevant notes and assistance on the subjects of accounting, literature, management, economics, math, sciences, history and foreign languages. Moreover, students can prepare themselves for better skills in the subjects they study at Cliff Notes by taking preparation tests.

  1. Spark Notes

Spark Notes presents social, literary and entertainment articles. Videos regarding famous novels and plays are present on the website to provide with an extra touch to assisting students in their education. However, it is most interesting to note that Spark Notes has made studying Shakespearean plays easier than before. For each Shakespearean play that is present on Spark Notes, there are assisting critical reviews on characters, situations and dialogues for assisting students and researchers in literature studies. Spark Notes also offers study notes on biology, chemistry, film, health, math, philosophy, poetry, economics, computer science, psychology, sociology and American politics.

  1. Grade Saver

Grade Saver gives an opportunity for students to interact on their website. Students can ask questions about the things they feel difficulty in. Fellow students and educators on the Grade Saver community are present to answer those questions and offer assistance. In this way many research topics are explored for different subjects on this free online learning website. Moreover, scholarly essays are provided to the students on various topics.

  1. Academic Earth

Much like Coursera, Academic Earth too offers free professional online courses to students all around the world. The website has affiliation with 13 leading universities of the United States and the United Kingdom, which provide their courses and tutors on its platform. Academic Earth provides online education in the subjects of art and design, business, engineering, humanities, science and math, social sciences and medicine and healthcare.

  1. GCF

GCF is a non-profit organization operating from North Carolina, United States. The mission of this organization is to provide free education to students all over. GCF is a free online learning website which provides tutorials to its students about the subjects that they want assistance in. GCF also provides with online classes, which are complete courses in themselves. GCF provides free education through videos, audios, student’s guides, tutorials and mobile apps.

8.       Wikipedia

The importance of Wikipedia can never be ignored. It is the pioneer of the free online learning websites on the internet. It is the most viewed website for scholarly and professional information on the internet. Wikipedia has thousands of literary and scholarly articles on educational, social, political and professional topics. It is a one stop information database. Wikipedia is reliable as the posts on various topics, are refreshed and revised every few days. Moreover, the website is a home to finding relevant research books and websites on the topics already discussed.

  1. BBC Podcasts

BBC Podcasts can be termed as one of the most sophisticated free online learning websites available on the internet. BBC Podcast website gives an entirely different learning experience to the surfers. This is because the desired information is available in episodic series of audio, digital radio, PDF, and ePub files which can be viewed online or downloaded according to the student’s convenience. It is a place where students, researchers and professionals can search for information related to science, nature, history, travel, radio, the Earth, food, weather, autos, sports, culture, news, capital and music.

  1. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is the most vibrant and the most interesting of all the free online learning websites. It is a website which is not only dedicated to educating young minds and providing research assistance to professionals; but is also a kind of online teaching paradise for the teachers. The website is full of colorful animated videos. All videos are timed ten minutes or longer in duration. Serious topics are discussed through clever animations which add to the flavor of a grand learning experience. Teachers can customize the videos according to their lesson plans and share them with their students. Moreover, they can add quizzes and assignments with the videos so as to assign them to their students for grading.

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