Top 5 cool Android apps of 2017


Whether its games, productivity or entertainment, Android developers have all the fields covered. Developers are churning out android apps on a daily basis. The app market has become extremely vast, and extremely competitive. This is the very reason for such an explosive rate of development in the android market. But in this flood of apps, it becomes difficult to choose which app should be downloaded for a required purpose. There are many factors that one must keep in mind before downloading or buying an app. To make it easier for you, we have shortlisted 5 cool android apps of 2017

1. MyExpense

MyExpenses Manager

MyExpenses Manager is an app tool that analyses all your finances. It keeps your financial management top notch. It can also be seen as finance manager, that generates up to date and comprehensive financial reports. It not only keeps track of all the expenses, but also analyses and informs the user of the possible areas where one can make accommodate savings. There is a database that is designed immediately after installation which stores all your financial information. It keeps you updated about the financial conditions, such as areas where you might be splurging, or areas where you aren’t spending enough.

2. Duet


Duet is a fun, brain teasing yet simplistic game that features two balls which revolve around a fixed center point. It is scattered with many obstacles which you must avoid in order to win. To do so, you tilt and spin the balls to succeed at levels. There is a free version, as well as a paid version that cost about three dollars. There are a limited number of levels and features in the free version, but they are quite sufficient if you simply want a new taste in your Android gaming experience.

3. Hangar

Hangar Android App for Shortcuts

Hanger is for all the minimalists and multitaskers out there. It is a cool little app that manages access to apps in a cool and fun way. Basically, it puts a small app dock on your home screen or notification bar. It enables you to get to your recently used apps, and/or your favorite apps without having to access your menu again and again. It keeps the home screen neat and uncluttered, which is what most people prefer. Another great thing about the app is that you can customize it according to your taste and choice.

4. Swing Copters

Swing Copters Best Android Game

As if this was needed,Atari, developers of flappy bird have churned out this not so different, yet not so similar sequel to the wildly popular flappy bird. That said, swing copters has also seen quick success, although it isn’t really a “wow” game. However, it is a really good time killing tool, that can keep you busy for hours. Give this one a try if you are a true game maniac.

5. SuperBetter

SuperBetter can be viewed both as a game as well as a management and productivity app. You set your goals, such as task management, weight reduction, etc., and play your way through it. You can set your own challenges and goals, or you can let the app give you progressive life improving tasks.

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